Here is a special little Palo Santo Ritual I created to connect with the energies of spring and purification.  Spring is a great time of year to renew, revitalize, refresh and begin again. Every native tradition and culture in human history has recognized and celebrated this time of year as a sacred gateway, passing through the long dark nights of winter into the warmth, light, and aliveness of spring.  It is a time to plant seeds and watch them grow, which will yield a rich harvest in the summer.

This is a very special time to perform a Palo Santo Ritual; to plant the seeds of your intention and hearts desire, to allow them to be lifted up to the skies and spirit worlds in the purifying smoke of this “sacred stick”. Here is a simple Spring Ritual for you to follow or to improvise on, and plant your own seeds of intention…

Planting the Seeds; Springtime Palo Santo Ritual

1. Create a sacred space or altar to perform your ceremony, using objects, symbols, or artwork that are sacred to you. If you have access to a garden space you can do this outdoors amidst your garden or bit of earth. Otherwise use an indoor altar space and incorporate houseplants to bring in the energy of Spring.

2. Prepare to burn your Palo Santo in a fire-proof container, such as a metal filled with a bit of sand or earth, a sea shell, or ceramic bowl.

3. Bathe or shower in some water to prepare your energy body (aura / chakras) for the purifying effects of Palo Santo Incense.

4. Dress comfortably and go to your altar space.  When you are ready, light your Palo Santo Stick. Gently “smudge” your body with the smoke.  Feel the purifying effects and allow the incense to do its work.

5. Take a few moments and connect with your self.  You may choose to sit and meditate, dance and sing, or paint and write your creative ideas.  This is a time to uncover your inner most nature and contemplate your goals and intentions for this spring and summer season. What results would you like to harvest in this miracle of life?

6. When you have clearly defined your goals and intentions, re-light your Palo Santo and speak your intentions out loud.  Feel the energy of your intentions, feel the words resonate in your body as you speak them. Feel the breath filling your lungs and releasing through the words you speak.  Focus on the fire of your burning Palo Santo and feel the fire and warmth within your own body. See the smoke rising, lifting your breath and words to spirit realms.

7. Finally, release your intentions, let them go with the smoke, and know that Divine activity is already taking place….

What are your favorite springtime rituals with Palo Santo?

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