The Solo Pack (20g – 0.7 ounces)


Includes one packet, 20 grams, of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks.

Great for individuals or those who are new to Palo Santo and want a sampler pack without a big investment. Also for well-seasoned users who travel light but don’t leave home without their Palo Santo!

Each pack includes approximately four sticks; each stick measuring about 4 inches long.

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Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Bought by Linda from Carlisle
Bought by Kirsten from Dacula
Bought by Anne from Hilton head island
Bought by Alyssa from Fort Collins
Bought by Mary from Grand Terrace
Bought by Ritu from Vienna
Bought by Antonella from Marino
Bought by Ross from Minneapolis
Bought by Shawn from Poway
Bought by Davis from Broomfield

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