The Friends Pack (60g – 2.1 ounces)


Includes three packets, 60 grams in total, of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks.

You’re a great friend of Palo Santo and are ready to have a good time! This pack is ideal for individuals who use moderate amounts of Palo Santo, or for those who want to share it with a friend.

The Friends Pack includes approximately 12 sticks; each stick measuring about 4 inches long.

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Weight 0.13 lbs
Bought by Dovie from CHATHAM
Bought by Yee May from Singapore
Bought by Cory from Painesville
Bought by Farrah from Vienna
Bought by Tonya from Provo
Bought by heather from cameron park
Bought by Joyce from Akron
Bought by Shelly from Prairie Village
Bought by Steven from Coralville
Bought by Kathleen from Akron

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