It’s never fun to have negative energy around our home or anywhere else. This is why using our intention to do a home cleaning ritual can help us bringing balance and removing negative energy.

We wanted to bring a touch of fun as well and this is why we’ve created this infographic so you can learn how to do a Cleaning ritual that will help you bring positive energy to your home and release any blockages that may be withing your lovely temple.

Share it with your friends and family to help them have a wonderfull energy in their homes – and you can do it for your own home as well :)


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Bought by Maira from Riverview
Bought by Kate from Norwalk
Bought by melissa from Hertford
Bought by Tess from Gurley
Bought by Alison from Lakeland
Bought by jack from denton
Bought by melonie from Guilford
Bought by R from Kingsbury
Bought by Andrew from Portland
Bought by Liam from BROOKLYN

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