Palo Santo Oil Properties and Uses

There are many essential oils that provide powerful beneficial properties to our health and life. One of the most appreciated ones is Palo Santo oil. Palo Santo oil is extracted from the wood of the tree with the same name. It is a native South American tree from countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Here you can find the tree in tropical conditions.

It is nature itself that bring us this oil treasure. To obtain it, first, the process starts with a tree that dies in natural conditions. Then the tree dries in a natural process that usually takes about four years. During this time, the wood gets dry and starts to compress. As it dries, the oil starts to be “pushed” out into the external part of the palo santo wood tree. Palo Santo is a protected tree and cannot be cut down. In fact Governments prohibit to individuals and companies to cut the trees if they are alive.  All of our Palo Santo Wood comes from ethically harvested, naturally fallen trees.

palo-santo-wood-oilIt is necessary to respect the natural process to collect this precious essential oil.

For centuries, several indigenous cultures including the Inca civilization used the oil for religious purposes as well as medicinal purposes. Nowadays, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and even Traditional Chinese Medicine have recognized its properties. This is why Palo Santo oil is one of the “most wanted” essential oils to promote well-being.

One of its most powerful effects is that it acts a calming and an anti-depress agent. In aromatherapy sessions, it is used to treat panic attacks and anxiety.  It is also used for osteoporosis because it helps to build the bones, helping them to regenerate and build strength.

The regular use of Palo Santo oil may help prevent bone breaks and skeleton weakening as you age. Applied on your skin, it helps to restore damaged skin and it helps to recuperate soft tendons injuries. Massage therapist use this oil as a tool for relaxing massages and reducing inflammation, as it reduces muscular discomfort and helps improve swollen joints.

The essential oil is also helpful for some the most common respiratory infections such as asthma, cold, and flu. It may even be used for strong migraines and headaches.

Several studies have demonstrated that the high percentage of “limoneno” contained in the palo santo oil, makes it an ally for cancer treatment. Apparently the essential oil brings similar effects as chemotherapy does.

For “external” treatment it also helps to reduce acne because it helps to heal the skin. For topical applications (injuries, swollen joints or muscles) you need to just apply two or three drops on the affected area, diluted with a base oil such as safflower oil or almond oil.

This precious oil is also used for spiritual purposes. As you may already know it comes from the wood that is called “sacred wood” as it helps purify your home, office, your car… making the energy flow “positive” and helping to promote an emotional state of relaxation.

For those that believe in its “powers”, it is said that it is excellent to attract good luck.


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