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The Lovers Pack (120g – 4.2 ounces)


Includes six packets, 120 grams in total, of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks.

Let’s face it. You are in love with Palo Santo and you can’t stop. Perhaps you want to share the love and give your friends some of this Divine smelling, purifying sweetness. Or, maybe you want to keep it all for yourself and revel in the Palo Santo glory.

This pack is a wonderful choice for anyone who is in love with Palo Santo, and is also ideal for therapists, space clearers and healers who use Palo Santo in their work.

The Lover’s Pack includes approximately 24 sticks; each stick measuring about 4 inches long.

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Weight 0.26 lbs


The Friends Pack (60g – 2.1 ounces)


Includes three packets, 60 grams in total, of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks.

You’re a great friend of Palo Santo and are ready to have a good time! This pack is ideal for individuals who use moderate amounts of Palo Santo, or for those who want to share it with a friend.

The Friends Pack includes approximately 12 sticks; each stick measuring about 4 inches long.

SKU: 002

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Weight 0.13 lbs


The Solo Pack (20g – 0.7 ounces)


Includes one packet, 20 grams, of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks.

Great for individuals or those who are new to Palo Santo and want a sampler pack without a big investment. Also for well-seasoned users who travel light but don’t leave home without their Palo Santo!

Each pack includes approximately four sticks; each stick measuring about 4 inches long.

SKU: 001

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Weight 0.04 lbs

Wholesale Palo Santo

Wholesale Pack


One pound (454 grams) of our pure, high quality, sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks. Each stick measures about 4 inches long.

Perhaps you’ve come to realize that you eat, sleep, and breathe with Palo Santo always by your side! Or maybe you have a great entrepreneurial spirit or business mind and want to share the joy of Palo Santo. Whether you’re looking to resale Palo Santo or are just madly in love with it, this is the pack for you!

  • Approximately 90-100 sticks per package.
  • You can create a “whole seller account” at checkout but is not necessary.

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SKU: 004

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Weight 1 lbs

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Palo Santo Incense

Our Palo Santo is 100% sustainably harvested without causing any damage to live trees, obtained from naturally fallen trees in the protected forests of Ecuador.

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“The Palo Santo arrived in time. It is great! Very high quality, quite different from the ones available in Portugal and Spain. Fantastic to clean space, and people. As as Reiki Master and Therapist, it’s a wonderful tool. Blessings!”

Marisa Nieves, Portugal
Reiki Master and Therapist

Looking to buy Palo Santo Sticks?

Eco-friendly, Sustainable

Palo Santo, meaning ‘sacred stick,’ is from South America. It is used for smudging to clear negativity from your aura, home, and any space or objects you want to clear and raise the vibrations of. If you want to buy palo santo “sacred stick” products from us, we want to let you know that they are of the purest quality available on the market today and are 100% ethically harvested with sustainable practices. We offer only 100% natural, untreated, and hand selected palo santo from wild trees that have naturally fallen on the ground in the protected forests of Ecuador. No live trees are destroyed in collection of the palo santo wood that we provide. Our palo santo is harvested alongside a robust reforestation program that has planted around 40,000 trees, as of date. Every purchase you make with us supports the replanting of these sacred trees.

How to Use Palo Santo?

For Incense: Light the end of One stick, allowing it to burn for a few seconds before blowing the flame out. Let it smolder, and fan the smoke over your body or any objects you wish to cleanse, including your entire room, throughout your house, or car.

When you’re finished, always place the smudge stick in a fire safe container, such as a ceramic dish, candle holder, sea shell, or other fire proof smudging tray. It will burn out on its own or you can snuff it out in some sand or dirt. (Potted plants work well for this!) Never leave your smudge stick unattended and always use fire safely!*

Many people enjoy drinking palo santo tea made from shavings of the wood. It can be sweetened with agave or honey as desired and has a delicious aroma and flavor.

Palo Santo is also highly prized for its essential oil and great benefits.
Buy our palo santo today and enjoy!

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